Sri Aurobindo University

The Mother's message, "If one reads Sri Aurobindo carefully, one finds the answers to all that one wants to know"- unfolds a world of significance which is reiterated by another of Her declarations- "By studying carefully what Sri Aurobindo has said on all subjects, one can easily reach a complete knowledge of the things of this world." To this She adds an interesting revelation - "It is not by books that Sri Aurobindo ought to be studied but by subjects - what he has said on the Divine, on Unity, on religion, on evolution, on education, on self-perfection, on supermind, etc, etc". To top it all when She was questioned, "Mother, how can one become wise?" She emphatically replied- "Read Sri Aurobindo" (12/208).

From these statements of The Mother one gets sufficient indications to enter the gateway of true Knowledge.

We initiate this venture with the conviction that the global solution to the problems that confronts the world today, are to be found in Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's writings (books). The objective of the University is to encourage aspiring individuals to participate in Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's Vision of the New World through the study of Their works. Sri Aurobindo University aspires to be the instrument of His Force to propagate Their dynamic message to humanity. A candidate of this university is a student of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. In an attempt to embrace the whole of human existence, and raise it to a higher status, Sri Aurobindo University will spread its illuminating and enlightening activities to different disciplines of education and thereby embrace the entire life.

Members of Sri Aurobindo Study circle, teachers of Sri Aurobindo Integral Schools, students and all others who are interested in cultivating Sri Aurobindo's and The Mother's works are specially requested to join (in) this new project of the University. This will be an effective way of breaking away from the shackles of inertia, sluggishness of the brain and dormancy of thought process and liberate the aspiring intellectual to a new dynamism of a globally, all fulfilling, all understanding, all harmonising thought and action in the Light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Sri Aurobindo University was inaugurated on 4th April 2007 at Sri Aurobindo Srikhetra, Dalijoda, Orissa. by Dr. M. V. Nadkarni.

Transcript of the inaugural speech by Dr. Nadkarni

Structure of Sri Aurobindo University

An appeal for help ...

Members of Sri Aurbindo Shrikshetra, Dalijoda, Cuttack (one of the most important Sadhana Kendras in Odisha which was directly supervised and guided by Babaji Maharaj and Prapatti) have appealed for help towards the development of the centre. Request you to please read the appeal and extend your helping hand ...