Research Areas and Suggested Projects
Ashram departments
1 Auroville
2 Ayurvedic Section in Sri Aurobindo Ashram
3 Cazanove garden in Sri Aurobindo Ashram
4 Cottage Industry in Sri Aurobindo Ashram  
5 Darshan Days and other celebrations  in Sri Aurobindo  Ashram
6 Gloria and other  gardens in Sri Aurobindo Ashram
7 Hand Made Paper Unit in Sri Aurobindo Ashram
8 Harpagon Work Shop in Sri Aurobindo Ashram
9 Marbeling Section at Sri Aurobindo Ashram 
10 Navajyoti Karyalaya 
11 Preparation of Blessings Flower in Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its distribution
12 Reception Department in Sri Aurobindo Ashram
13 Samadhi of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo at Sri Aurabindo Ashram
14 Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press 
15 Sri Aurobindo International  Centre of Education 
16 Sri Aurobindo Society
17 Sri Aurobindo's and The Mother's Room at Sri Aurobindo Ashram
18 The Department of Physical Education at Sri Aurobindo Ashram
19 The History of Corner House  at Sri Aurobindo Ashram  
20 The History of Dining Room at Sri Aurobindo Ashram  
21 The History of Lake Area at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry 
22 World Union
23 Conditions for the coming of a Spiritual age
24 Evolution
25 Ranges of Consciousness 
Literary works of Sri Aurobindo
26 A Note  on 'Human Cycle'
27 A Note  on 'Ideal of Human Unity'
28 A Note on  Isha Upanishad
29 A Note on " Arya"
30 A Note on " Bande Mataram"
31 A Note on " The Mother"
32 A Note on "Letters of Sri Aurobindo"
33 A Note on "SAVITRI"
34 A Note on "Synthesis of Yoga"
35 A Note on "Thoughts & Aphorisms"
36 A Note on "Yoga & its Objects"
37 A Note on Eight Upanishadas
38 A Note on 'Life Divine'
39 Dramas of Sri Aurobindo
40 Poems of Sri Aurobindo 
41 Relevance of  The Gita in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga
42 Sonnets  of Sri Aurobindo 
43 Sri Aurobindo  on Hinduism
44 Sri Aurobindo Birth Cetenary Library - 1972 edition.
45 The description of Nature in Savitri
Literary works of The Mother
46 A Note on "Notes on the Way"
47 A Note on "On Education" 
48 A Noteon " Supreme Discovery"
49 Complete Works of The Mother - 1978 Edition.
50 On Ideal Child
51 Prayers & Meditations
52 A New Look on Management
53 Management of Sri Aurobindo Ashram --ASHRAM TRUST
On India
54 Reunification of India and Pakistan
55 Sanskrit as  National Language of India
56 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Partition of India
57 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on World War II
58 Sri Aurobindo on  India
59 The Culture of India
60 The political system best suited to India.
On Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
61 Meeting of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo 
62 Sri Aurobindo  at Borada
63 Sri Aurobindo  at London
64 Sri Aurobindo  came to Chandan Nagar &  Pondicheery
65 Sri Aurobindo  from 1926 to 1950
66 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on  Alipur Bomb Case
67 Sri Aurobindo at Chandan Nagar
68 Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry before Mother's coming
69 Sri Aurobindo in Alipur Jail
70 Sri Aurobindo's Life at Calcutta
71 Sri Aurobindo's Political Life 
72 The Childhood days of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother 
73 The Mother  as an Artist
74 The Mother  came to  Pondicheery
75 The Mother as an Occultist
76 The Mother from 1920 to 1926
77 The Mother from 1926 to 1938
78 The Mother from 1938 to 1950
79 The Mother from 1950 to 1962
80 The Mother from 1962 to 1973
Planes and Parts of the being
81 A Study of Mind and its Transformation
82 A Study of Vital and its Transformation
83 On Physical Transformation
84 On Psychic Being
85 Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic and Spritual Personalities.
86 Reason as Helper and Bar.
87 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Psychic Being and 'Soul' 
88 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Supermind
89 Subconsient & Inconsient
90 Subtle Physical
91 Divine Grace and Personal effort
92 Concentration
93 Courage
94 Depression - its cause &  removal
95 Dreams - its significance
96 Faith and its Power 
97 Grace
98 Gratitude
99 Harmony  in Mother's Work
100 Human Relationship in Yoga of Transformation
101 Meditation & Japa
102 On Kundalini 
103 Receptivity
104 Sadhana in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga
105 Sadhana in the life of a Student
106 Sadhana through Love and Devotion
107 Significance of Flowers given by The Mother
108 Simplicity
109 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Aspiration
110 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Brahamacharya
111 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Devotion 
112 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Ego
113 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Illness
114 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Music
115 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Peace
116 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Physical Transformation
117 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Religion
118 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Samata
119 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Silence
120 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Surrender
121 Success & Perfection
122 Teacher as a Yogi
123 The Aim of Life
124 The Mother  - The Consciousnerss and Force of The Supreme
125 The mystery of Work 
126 The Physical Culture in Integral Yoga
127 The vision of  Love in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga
128 When the daily life becomes Sadhana
Social Philosphy
129 Helping  Humanity
130 Honesty and Capability
131 Human Unity - Theory and Possibilities
132 Money
133 Progressive change of Society by the advent of New Consciousness
134 Spirituality  - as a solution to communalism
135 Sri Aurobindo  & The Mother on Non- Violence
136 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Charity
137 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Democracy
138 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Politics
139 Sri Aurobindo & The Mother on Science
140 The effect of Beauty  in life
141 The Social Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
The Mother's Work in Orissa
142 Organisational work as Sadhana
143 Sri Aurobindo Integral Education System and its practice  in Orissa
144 Sri Aurobindo Loka Sahitya by Sri Rmakrishna Das -  Its effect in Orissa
145 Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra Movement in Orissa
146 Sri Aurobindo Relic Centres in Orissa - A general view
147 The  influence of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's thoughts on  Oriya literature
148 The Architectural features of Relics Centres of Orissa
149 The History of Relics Centre -  any one
Yoga Philosophy
150 Concept of Rebirth in Sri Aurobindo
151 Consciousness
152 Morality and Sprituality
153 Religion and Sprituality
154 Sri Aurobindo and Tantra
155 Sri Aurobindo's Path and Other Paths
156 The concept  of Christ and Mohammad and  the New World.
157 The Necessity of Spritual Transformation
158 The Vedic Symbols
159 The Vision  of Matter in Sri Aurobindo
160 Vedanta and Sri Aurobindo's Views of Life


  1. Collected works of Sri Aurobindo
  2. Collected works of The Mother