Sri Aurobindo University for Junior Learners

"...there is a special personal tie between you and me, between all who have turned to the teaching of Sri Aurobindo and myself, — and, it is well understood, distance does not count here, you may be in France, you may be at the other end of the world or in Pondicherry, this tie is always true and living." The Mother (13/ 76)

While SAU was originally constituted for senior learners, it was felt that SAU can also be an instrument to encourage students in various Sri Aurobindo Integral schools to read Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and their works. Thus a junior level of SAU was created to facilitate the participation of the students.

The junior level will most have participants from Schools. The likely procedure in schools will be as follows –

  • The general procedure will be same as the rules of Sri Aurobindo University applicable to senior group.
  • In every school there will be one Convenor for Sri Aurobindo University who may be the Principal of the school or any one selected by the Principal.
  • He will call for the meeting of students and ask them to choose a subject either from the list or anything suitable to the student concerned.
  • The Convenor (guide) will help the student to prepare a synopsis which means a points and plan of the essay with a little logical elaboration.
  • After the synopsis is received the Convenor will advise the student to proceed with his writing
  • The Convenor will prepare the list of all reference books and will help the student to go through
  • For any clarification and guidance, the district Covenor of SAU will be contacted
  • When the writing is complete it will be submitted to the SAU dist Convenor and finally sent to the SAU State Convenor for final approval
  • Within a year some seminars will be arranged in the school on the subjects chosen by the students and guests from outside or from the school will be requested to speak on the subject. This will certainly help the student to prepare his paper
  • Thus completing all the process, the candidate will present his paper in the district conference of Sri Aurobindo Study circle, in presence of all organisers of the district