Collected Works of Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das



Nama-Japa plays an important role in Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. Even it could be said that Nama-Japa is the best method for the transformation of the body. The usefulness, method and action of Nama- Japa have been brought out by the author of this booklet in a most lucid and fascinating, yet simple manner. This book was originally written for an Indian audience and published in Oriya, one of the Indian languages. Therefore a number of the examples given in the text refer to the Indian social setting or are derived from the famous stories of India’s great mystical heritage – the famous epics of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, the Upanishads, Puranas and Vedas. Though some of these stories my be unfamiliar to the Western reader, we firmly believe that the content and message of this beautiful booklet is equally relevant and a practical help to all sincere aspirants of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, East or West. - Publisher

Synthesis of Philosophies

This is a translation of the book, "Siddhanta Samanwaya" by Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das. Translation to English from original Oriya is being done by Prof. Asok Kumar Mohanty. ex-Principal of National Institute of Technology at Rourkela, Orissa.

Publisher's Note (translated from the original Oriya book)

When in common worldly affairs, it becomes difficult to accept any philosophy universally, it becomes almost impossible for ordinary minds to come to a general agreement in matters relating to a difficult subject like spiritual philosophy. In all ages, as per God’s will, great personalities have presented such spiritual philosophies, pertinent to their times, which appear to be contradictory to each other as per ordinary considerations and generally followers of a particular philosophy consider the followers of other philosophies as their opponents. Therefore, today so many religious , yogic processes as well as Sadhakas are one observed and from ancient times, such opposition has been existing among the followers of different religions and Sadhakas, which has stood in the way of unhindered progress in the path of truth, peace, bliss, power, love and beauty etc. for the human race and the entire universe.

But, now the time has come i.e. in this Home of God, as per the Divine Will. Shri Maa and Shri Aurobindo have taken the human form and for the Supreme welfare of the human race, have given such an integral and synthesized new form for all the spiritual philosophies of the pat, which has opened forever the golden gate of unprecedented supreme progress for the human race, Truly, in this new philosophy, a synthesis of different philosophies of the past has been effected and each new process of Sadhana of the past has also achieved it’s appropriate and well-developed state. The seasoned author has called this sunlight as “ The Synthesis of Philosophies” and has explained this in a simple and lucid manner in this book. We hope that the spiritual Sadhakas and philosophers will study this book with a balanced outlook. - Publisher

Integral Education

This is a translation of the book, "Purnaga Sikshya " by Babaji Maharaj Sri Ramakrishna Das. Translation to English from original Oriya is being done by Er. Manoranjan Prusty, an Alumni of Martubhaban, Cuttack, Orissa.

Editor's Note (translated from the original Oriya book)

The society can be developed by the students. The speed with which the world is progressing, the students need to take part in it. What will be the role of students for these has been described in simple language in this small book. We hope that, this will be popular in student society. Some part of it was published in the 1st part of the 5th year ‘Navajyoti’.   - Publisher (March, 1962)

Supramind and Divine Work

Publisher's Note (translated from the original Oriya book)

This book is highly useful and very essential from the point of view of the Sadhana of the Integral Yoga.  A very detailed description has been given here regarding how the divine work is being conducted in the Ashram and how the divine work can be performed in the integral divine life.  Action is inevitable in Integral Yoga, for that it is absolutely essential to realize the basic mystery and value of each action.  We hope the Sadhakas and Sadhikas of the study circles will be greatly benefited by reading this book.

Path of Progress in Student Life

Editor's Note (translated from the original Oriya book)

The progress and fall of the whole human society depends upon the education system, preparation and activities of the student’s society. In the modern student’s society audacity, characterless and physical illness are mostly seen and for counter balancing it, what duties and which ways the students, parents or guardians and teachers should follow and about health, education and brahmacharya are discussed in a simple way in this book. The writer from his vast experiences has shown that the only way to solve the above mentioned problems are strong aspiration, open to psychic and surrender. We hope that the general readers and mostly the student’s society will be specially benefited from this book.

The Mother's Blessing

Foreward (translated from the original Oriya book)

When man surrenders himself completely at the feet of the omnipotent Divine Mother after becoming aware of his own egoism, ignorance and helplessness, at that time he becomes capable of receiving Her infinite grace and blessing and can advance in the path leading to the life divine upon the earth. The writer, in this book, through questions and answers, has thrown light on, how the Divine Mother, being moved by Her boundless compassion to deliver this world, afflicted with sorrow and pain, has descended upon this earth as the Mother and has been showering Her blessing upon us.  We hope, this book will be of great help for the Sadhakas of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga.

For Students

Translation of Chapter 3 (Chhatra Mananka Prati) of Babaji Ramakrishna Das Rachana Sangraha, Vol 2