Sri Aurobindo Medical Association

This is currently the 'HEALTH' forum of the All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Committee to inculcate the consciousness of 'Total Health' of the human phenomenon so as to prepare it for its ultimate Divine transformation.

The Sri Aurobindo Medical Association emerged as a forum for action to give shape to Mother and Sri Aurobindo's thoughts and intention in the field of 'Health'. It grew out of the Sri Aurobindo Students' Association of  S. C. B. Medical College and functions as a wing of  All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study  Circle Committee. It is operating under the direct guidance and inspiration of Dada as one of the doors to enter the present day society with Mother and Sri Aurobindo's Thoughts and Action in the domain of Health. State level, Zonal level and district level conveners have been identified in order to further the objective of this forum.

Presently the activities in this forum are:

  1. Annual All Orissa Conference on integral approaches in different themes which is attended by a mixed group consisting of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle members, members of Sri Aurobindo Medical Association belonging to all disciplines, Sri Aurobindo Health Squad members and medical students of all disciplines. 18 such conferences have been held so far, mostly at Matrubhaban and some at S.C.B. Medical College auditorium complex. A souvenir is brought out on each of these conferences.
  2. Annual 21 day State level Sri Aurobindo Health Squad (SAHS) Training programme on 'Primary Holistic Health Care' is conducted at Matrubhaban during summer holidays. The objective is to empower devotees and aspirants of different Sri Aurobindo Centres with primary holistic health skills to shoulder the health needs of the inmates of the centre, the school children of the centre and the community surrounding the centre. Few week-long day zonal level health squad trainings have also been conducted in Astha, Nistha and Krupa and Sangati zones in the past.
  3. Help the SAHS trainees to start "Sri Aurobindo Integral Primary Health Aid Centres" to impart  primary care and first aid, detect problems, timely and appropriately refer to suitable health authorities, document outcome.
  4. Encourage and inspire the SAHS to initiate Sri Aurobindo Swasthya Study Circles to disseminate Mothers and Sri Aurobindo's thoughts on 'Health' and 'Healing' as well as burning health topics that would be useful to the community.